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Equipment loss of Nick sawdust Block Press machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-11 AllPageView : 317
We all know that machinery and equipment will be consumed in production. The vulnerable parts of the sawdust Block Press machine include the wear of the pressure roller, the stator copper loss of the motor, the loss of the tool, etc., and the loss caused by the long-term use is actually not a small expense to be shared in the income by depreciation. Recently, the mechanical engineers of Shaanxi Nick have conducted a series of research and discussion on the function decline loss of sawdust Block Press machine, tool replacement loss, speed loss, etc., repeated production tests, absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign Block Press machines, and finally developed A new generation of low-consumption sawdust Block Press machine. It adopts the high-speed motor shaft and the gear shaft to rotate in parallel, and the gear shaft supports the rotation at two points to effectively reduce the speed loss. The main shaft is shortened, the rigidity is improved, the wear of the mold and the pressure wheel is reduced, the water cooling system is improved, and the wear caused by the high temperature caused by the friction during the use of the tool is reduced. Reducing these small expenditures is a great wealth. Nick's new Block Press machine makes time work rate and performance work rate exactly proportional.

Nick Machinery continues to innovate and improve, with excellent equipment, reduce the loss of Block Press machine equipment, and seek benefits for the majority of users and friends. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.

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