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Installation area of ​​waste paper balers in Togo
Author : admin Time : 2022-11-24 AllPageView : 418
To be a waste paper recycling and baling machine station, there must be a certain site area, and a reasonable planning and design of the site should be done according to the specific situation, so that it is convenient to load and unload waste paper. This can be mainly divided into three aspects, the baling machine area of the horizontal waste paper baler, the storage area before the waste paper is packed and the storage area after the waste paper is packed.
The baling machine area of the horizontal waste paper baler will be slightly different depending on the specifications, but the difference is not very big. 160 waste paper baler equipment, the installation and application area must be 10 meters wide and 10 meters long. If it is used indoors, the height must be more than 4 meters. It is the minimum space requirement to ensure the equipment works properly.
A storage area for waste paper before baling machine. A steady stream of recycled waste paper cannot be packaged in time and must have a certain storage space. The amount of waste paper recycled and the backlog should be fully considered, and waste paper can be adequately stored, so that waste paper cannot be recycled due to insufficient space.

Storage area for waste paper after baling machine. After the waste paper is packaged, there must be a certain amount before it can be loaded and transported. This one site proposal has the same consideration as the previous one.

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