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How to maintain the straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2019-05-28 AllPageView : 570
When using the straw baler, the customer must be trained in advance by the special person. How to do regular maintenance, we must ensure that the staff is proficient in the operation and operation of the straw baler, and the workflow of the straw baler can be skillfully applied even during the packaging process. The problem can also be solved.
For the daily application of the straw baler, Shaanxi Nick baler manufacturers remind customers to pay attention to the following points:
1. It is necessary to check frequently whether the link position of the straw baler is firm, whether the movement is smooth and flexible, and whether the straw baler parts are worn.
2. During the work, it is necessary to check the large parts in the straw baler for 3-5 days. For some small items, check every day. Once problems and potential problems are discovered, they should be dealt with promptly.
3. The straw baler must be cleaned and lubricated frequently to ensure that all parts inside the hydraulic baler can run freely.
4. The oil level should be clearly seen in the straw baler tank. It is necessary to regularly filter and replace the oil. It is generally recommended to replace it once a year. When changing the oil for the straw baler, be sure to clean the fuel tank to ensure the fuel tank. There is no impurity inside. When changing the oil in the straw baler tank, it is necessary to do dustproof treatment, and some small debris will inevitably enter the cylinder.
5. Always observe the working condition of the straw baler, ensure effective and safe production, find abnormal conditions, the body shakes, etc., should immediately stop the inspection, find out the straw baler failure and deal with it, then continue to use.
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