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Horizontal rice husk briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-11-17 AllPageView : 395
The briquetting machine is specially used for compressing wood chips,wood flour,shavings,coconut mud,peanut husks,corn stalks and other materials.The rice husk briquetting machine is a briquetting machine for compressing rice husks,which can squeeze the rice husks into blocks.Convenient for transportation and storage.
Operation process of rice husk briquetting machine
1.The rice husk is fed to the compression box of the equipment through the hopper,belt conveyor,and screw conveyor.

2.It is squeezed horizontally by the horizontal cylinder of the equipment.

3.After the second longitudinal extrusion of the longitudinal oil cylinder of the equipment,the cuboid is packed.
4.Then push the compressed rice husk block into the bag by pushing the bag cylinder.
The process of rice husk briquetting machine is relatively simple,pay attention to safety when operating.

Nick rice husk briquetting machine is fully automatic operation,continuous delivery,fast speed,and particularly convenient to use.

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