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Prevent hydraulic shock from metal briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-29 AllPageView : 421
Today we can prevent the harm caused by hydraulic shock by starting with it.The specific methods are as follows:
1.The simple way to prevent hydraulic shock during hydraulic system operation is to slow down the closing speed of the reversing valve,increase the pipe radius and liquid flow rate.This can reduce the instantaneous pressure during the closing time of the reversing valve and avoid occurrence Hydraulic shock.

2.When the hydraulic system is designed,it can also reduce the change of the liquid flow rate by shortening the length of the pipeline,reducing unnecessary bends,or adopting a hose that has the effect of removing the impact force,so as to help when the reversing valve is closed.Reduce instantaneous pressure to prevent hydraulic shock.

3.In the hydraulic system,in response to the hydraulic shock caused by the sudden braking of the moving parts in high-speed motion,the treatment measures are to set a buffer device at the end of the cylinder,or use a reduction valve at the end of the cylinder stroke to relieve the hydraulic shock.The installation of accumulators in the hydraulic system or the use of rented rubber hoses with shock absorption capacity can also reduce the hydraulic shock.
The hydraulic system of the metal briquetting machine is the core system of the whole equipment.Only by understanding and fully mastering the methods to prevent the hydraulic impact of the hydraulic system can the hydraulic system of the metal briquetting machine work normally and create more benefits for enterprises and individuals.
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