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Classification of metal briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-08 AllPageView : 399
At present, the metal briquetting machine is divided into two types: metal chip briquetting machine and metal baler according to different properties, each with different characteristics of use.
Metal chip briquetting machines are mainly used to compress iron, aluminum, and steel chips into various shapes through dynamic action, such as cylinders, cuboids, polygons, etc. The main purpose is to facilitate transportation. And put it into use. It is used in various metal product processing and manufacturing plants. With the help of the combined effect of cooling and hydraulic pressure, material compression can be customized according to user needs to realize recycling and reuse.
The metal briquetting machine is mainly used in the forging industry, copper smelting industry, etc., to realize the packing and compression processing of materials to meet the needs of users for the shape and body shape of the materials.

The emergence of metal chip briquetting machine and metal briquetting machine conforms to the production concept of enterprises, which not only saves energy, reduces costs, but also improves production efficiency and meets market development requirements.

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