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Development and utilization of straw
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-09 AllPageView : 384
The effective use of straw has received widespread attention. The use of straw can save the cost of livestock and poultry breeding and turn waste into treasure; the use of straw can improve fertility, ensure soil fertility, and ensure food safety; the use of straw as an energy source It can produce clean energy and alleviate my country's energy crisis; the industrialized utilization of straw is also a means to increase the added value of straw and increase the income of farmers. However, most of these utilizations do not fully reflect the value of straw, and only do a good job in the comprehensive utilization of straw, forming many feasible comprehensive utilization models of straw, which is for perfecting the comprehensive utilization of straw, forming a conservation-oriented circular agricultural model, and alleviating the consumption of resources in our country. The agricultural ecological environment is of great significance.

The development and utilization of straw is an important part of rural development of circular economy, an important aspect of improving comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and a major measure to improve the utilization rate of agricultural resources. The comprehensive utilization of straw is a cyclic process, and each link can produce direct economic benefits. Compared with the use of a certain method, the energy conversion rate and utilization rate of straw are greatly improved. The multi-level and multi-channel comprehensive utilization of straw in the recycling process not only reduces resource waste, improves environmental quality, but also creates wealth, absorbs rural surplus labor, realizes multi-level utilization of energy, and creates a material chain. The circular ecological agriculture model meets the modern agricultural development requirements of "sustainable, recyclable, recyclable, and reduced"

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