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How to use the cotton baler correctly?
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-08 AllPageView : 347

1. The cotton baler has branch power supply and runs simultaneously with other machines, which will not only damage the performance of the machine, but also overdistribute and burn the plug and socket, which may cause a fire hazard. Special attention must be paid to prepare the special voltage and capacity only for this Baler Compactor.

2. The ground terminal of the packaging machine must be connected to the ground. There is a danger of electric shock if it is not connected to the ground wire or not fully connected.

3. The cross-sectional area of ??the wire using the extension cord is 0.75m㎡ and less than 10m. Using a flexible cord outside this range will not only damage the performance of the machine, but also overdistribute the plug and socket, which may cause a fire hazard.

4. When installing or packing super work, please be sure to use gloves, protective glasses, and masks. If it is not used, it may cause injury or harm to health.

5. The packing tape is used on the object to be packed. Do not use for other purposes. Packed objects refer to items that need to be packed.

6. Do not remove the panel, cover, door and other parts while using the machine. When the parts are removed, it will not only cause the machine to malfunction, but also easily lead to ginseng accidents.

7. Do not place the power cord in the forklift and other passages, or avoid directly pressing the power cord and other places. It is dangerous if the outer skin is damaged or disconnected.

8. Do not use wet hands to plug in and out the power plug, there is a danger of electric shock.

9. Packing items with water or moisture may cause electric shock.

10. When the baler is not in use, the plug on the socket must be unplugged. The insulation is degraded, causing electric shock or fire due to electric leakage.

11. When the heating plate is at a very high temperature, please do not put combustible materials near the back of the machine, as there is a risk of fire.

Nick Machinery is here to kindly remind you to take fire prevention measures to prevent fires. If you encounter other problems during use, you can contact our after-sales service 86-29-86031588

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