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Advantages and effects of automatic waste paper baling press
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-18 AllPageView : 449
Fully automatic waste paper baling press,no need to insert the belt manually, the trigger mode is divided into a touch,manual,continuous hitting,ball switch,foot switch,photoelectric sensor switch,press the switch to automatically complete the packaging,convenient and fast,suitable for single machine large quantities produce.

The automatic waste paper baling press has good rigidity,durability and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and repair,and low cost of equipment basic engineering.It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories,waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises.It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency,reduce labor intensity,save manpower,and reduce transportation costs.

Advantages and packaging functions of the automatic waste paper baling press:

1.It can automatically feed and detect, and the packages can be discharged one after another,and can also be completed manually.It can be used for waste paper,cardboard boxes,newsprint,etc.,waste plastics,PET bottles,plastic films,Packing of loose objects such as turnover boxes and straws is good for packing.

2.The utility model has fast packing speed,saves time and electricity,low failure rate,high degree of automation,does not require manual care,saves labor,and has high reliability and long service life.
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