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The working mode of Brunei's automatic baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-05-11 AllPageView : 267
The application scope of the fully automatic hydraulic horizontal baler is mainly the packaging and compression of waste paper and plastic. It has obvious advantages, including the use of PLC automatic control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of automation, high pressure, continuous production, work, etc. . Today, I will focus on introducing to you what the automatic horizontal hydraulic baler is. I hope you can buy a high-quality and inexpensive automatic hydraulic baler.

The automatic horizontal hydraulic horizontal baler adopts a horizontal structure. The rubber is transported by the conveyor to the silo of the automatic hydraulic baler. The oil cylinder is fixed on the frame with a flange. The vane pump is used as the power source. The horizontal baler, The hydraulic oil flows directionally under the control of the reversing valve, enters the rodless cavity or rod cavity of the hydraulic cylinder through the pipe, and pushes the piston to drive the pressure row to move back and forth, so as to achieve the purpose of cyclic compression. Repeat several times until the requirement is reached Up to the length, (the length is adjustable) automatically thread and tie the wire, and the compressed and packed materials will be delivered out of the box in order. Hydraulic valves include electro-hydraulic reversing valve and overflow valve, which have the function of preventing system overload. Large horizontal baler, reversing valve is sensitive and reliable. The structure is compact and reasonable, semi-automatic horizontal hydraulic baler manufacturer, beautiful and generous, stable operation, to achieve continuous production program control.

NKBALER automatic baler has simple structure, stable performance and high degree of automation. Welcome to buy.
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