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Noise failure of hydraulic baler pipeline
Author : admin Time : 2021-01-14 AllPageView : 86
According to the actual needs of everyone, the Nick brand hydraulic baler has been recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional technology, and is trustworthy.
During the operation of the hydraulic baler, vibration is prone to noise, and some are design and processing problems. For example, due to the dynamic balance of the hydraulic pump, that is, the rotating part is prone to periodic imbalance, resulting in poor contact during choking, and periodic shocks and vibrations. Will cause strong noise. The main reasons for the noise of the hydraulic baler machine are as follows:
1. The noise of the plunger pump or motor, the phenomenon of suction is one of the main reasons for the excessive noise of the hydraulic pump

2. The noise of the overflow valve of the hydraulic baler is mainly caused by the unstable performance of the pilot valve, that is, the noise generated by the air vibration caused by the high frequency oscillation of the front cavity pressure of the pilot valve.

3. The noise of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic baler, the oil of the hydraulic baler is mixed with air or the air in the hydraulic cylinder is not completely exhausted, and the hydraulic baler generates cavitation under the action of high pressure and causes loud noise.
Knowing the noise fault of the hydraulic baler, you can prescribe the right medicine.
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