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plastic bottle compression Heavy Duty Baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-08 AllPageView : 352
In the process of recycling plastic bottles,handy packaging equipment is often inseparable.The use of hydraulic Heavy Duty Baler makes the huge pile of beverage bottles particularly tidy,and at the same time greatly reduces site costs and transportation costs.
After the plastic bottles are packaged,they are usually collected to make clothing fibers,and some of them are reused to make recycled bottles.
The main problem with the slow development of recycled bottles in China is that the clothing manufacturing industry needs a large amount of recycled fibers,so the purchase price of waste plastic bottles is too high.
Looking through the clothes at home,what polyester fiber is there,it is very likely that the mineral water bottle you have drunk is regenerated.

Besides plastic bottles,recycling of plastic bottles is a bit more troublesome,because the caps,bottoms,and bodies of plastic bottles are not a kind of plastic.

This means that after we recycle plastic bottles,we must first separate the body and the cap,and the body and the bottom of the bottle.
After the separation,as long as it is not used for food packaging,you can do whatever you like,such as making clothes.
There are also plastic pellets for injection molding,etc.,which are particularly versatile.
As people's awareness of environmental protection increases,more and more plastic bottles are being recycled. The plastic bottle Heavy Duty Baler market will also usher in new opportunities.

Nick brand plastic bottle Heavy Duty Baler machine has good rigidity,toughness and volatility,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment foundation engineering,which can better serve you.

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