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  • NICKBALER has been engaged in the research and development and manufacture of hydraulic equipment for many years, has accumulated rich experience, and has a perfect management system. As a machinery manufacturer, our company has strong technical force, excellent product workmanship, practical and beautiful appearance, and high-quality products are well received by new and old customers. praise. What I am sharing with you today is:
    From which aspects should the quality of the hydraulic baler be determined?
    1. Quality must be guaranteed, only good quality can ensure our safe use.
    2. After-sales service must be in place, only perfect after-sales service can ensure that the problems encountered in use are solved in time.
    3. The operation should be convenient. The equipment itself is to improve the baling press efficiency. If the operation is inconvenient, it will greatly affect the improvement of the baling press efficiency.

    4, cost-effective, affordable is the last word.

    The fully automatic baler produced by NICKBALER has a simple structure, high technical content, stable performance, guaranteed quality, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. You are welcome to buy https://www.nickbaler.net
  • The automatic hydraulic baler mainly compresses and packs waste plastics, waste cartons, plastic films, etc., to lay the foundation for the next storage and recycling. The equipment is mainly composed of frame, oil cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic valve, motor and other components. It adopts PLC automatic control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of automation, high pressure, continuous production, and high work efficiency. For the NICKBALER horizontal baler, the cylinders are fixed on the frame, which is more stable and can ensure the stable performance of the cylinders; the hydraulic system is driven, the ribs are strong, and the extruded bale is tighter; the unique automatic baling device , so that the efficiency of the package is greatly improved; the user can also freely set the length of the package, and accurately record the value of the package, which is more convenient for the operator. The automatic baler has low noise, no pollution, safety and environmental protection, convenient operation, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

    The fully automatic baler realizes unmanned operation and is suitable for places with a lot of materials, such as: garbage recycling plants, large recycling stations, etc. After the items are compressed and packed, they are easy to store and stack and reduce the transportation cost, which is very popular among customers of favor.

    NICKBALER Machinery is a professional manufacturer of waste paper balers, providing more than 140 kinds of hydraulic balers, more consultation with us: https://www.nkbaler.net
  • Fully automatic baler, one machine is multi-purpose, can be used for waste paper, waste products, plastic bottles, straw, etc. The machine is simple to operate, long service life, intelligent and integrated, free of manual operation, high work efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. Its appearance provides convenience to many waste recycling stations and pressing stations, which not only saves space, but also saves a lot of human resources. NICKBALER Machinery currently has 15 models and specifications of fully automatic balers. The following parameters are different for each device:
    1. Compression force
    2. Cylinder size
    3. Packing size and packing weight
    4. Daily output
    5. Feeding port size
    6. Motor power and voltage
    7. Equipment weight

    8. Main cylinder and push cylinder

    NICKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers, providing more than 140 kinds of hydraulic balers, and supports product customization. Different models can be customized according to different needs of customers. For more information, please pay attention to NICKBALER's website https://www.nickbaler .net
  • The NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler adopts the hydraulic oil circuit power system, which greatly improves the baling press efficiency. It has the characteristics of fast packing speed, high efficiency, energy saving and power saving, and stable performance. And it is easy to maintain; it adopts the principle of mechanics and uses a large-diameter oil cylinder as the power to make the package more compact and the shape of the bale more regular; touch screen console, microcomputer PLC control, simple, clear, clear at a glance, can automatically diagnose and detect faults, using It adopts the advanced servo system technology at home and abroad and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Of course, if the best equipment is not maintained and maintained for a long time, it will greatly shorten the service life of the machine. Therefore, NICKBALER hereby recommends that if the equipment has a long service life, it is necessary to regularly maintain and repair the equipment. Only in this way can problems be discovered and solved as soon as possible. Therefore, the service life depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on the maintenance during the customer's use. The two are inseparable, so it is impossible to give you an accurate age.

    NICKBALER Machinery warmly reminds you: When using the baler, you should strictly follow the operating instructions. For more information on maintenance, please follow us https://www.nickbaler.net
  • The hydraulic system of corn straw baler can reduce or avoid hydraulic shock in the following ways:
    1. Slow down the reversing speed of the liquid flow. Regarding the electro-hydraulic reversing valve, look at controlling the flow of the pilot valve (using a throttle valve or a one-way valve) to slow down the reversing speed of the spool valve. When selecting components, use a reversing valve with a damper as much as possible.
    2. Set the accumulator in front of the valve to reduce the interval of shock wave transmission, so that the hydraulic shock caused by the sudden closure of the control valve or the reversing break can be buffered.

    3. Increase the diameter of the pipe and try to shrink it as much as possible

    NICKBALER provides: straw baler, straw Baling Press machine and other baling equipment, company website: https://www.nickbaler.net, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!
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