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  • Application of metal Baler machine:
    This equipment can handle cans, paint buckets, iron cans, scrap iron, scrap steel, iron sheets, bicycles, color steel tiles, light and thin materials, pig iron, thin iron, exposed cans, red bull cans, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, iron barrels, and automobiles. Scrap metal such as shells, car racks, metal scraps, aluminum alloys, etc. can be pressed into forming at one time.
    Mainly used in recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil barrels and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into various shapes of qualified furnace materials such as cuboids and cylinders. , It is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling, increase the speed of furnace, improve labor efficiency, and reduce transportation, manpower, and smelting costs.
    Advantages of metal Baler machine series:
    The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal and installation, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation. Users can customize packaging specifications and dimensions according to their needs, and cooperate with transportation or storage. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
    Product advantages after using metal Baler machine to briquette:
    1. After Baler, the transportation of metal materials is convenient, which can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transportation efficiency;
    2. After Baler, the metal is convenient for crushing and secondary treatment;
    3. Compared with metal, briquette metal materials are easier to store, which can save a lot of warehouse space;
    4. The briquette metal greatly facilitates the use and reprocessing.

    The metal Baler machine produced by Nick Machinery has compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation, and reduces transportation and smelting costs. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.com

  • Safety protection devices should be installed in the metal Baler machine. There are usually three forms of installing protection devices:
    1. Safety start device form: When the operator's limbs enter the dangerous area, the clutch in the metal Baler machine will not close or the slider cannot be lowered. Only when the operator completely exits the dangerous area, the hydraulic machine can perform these actions.
    2. The form of mechanical protection device: When the slider moves down, the dangerous area is separated from the operator's hand to ensure safe production.
    3. Automatic protection device: Set up light beams, air currents and electric fields around the dangerous area of the machine. Once the operator's limbs enter the dangerous area, the metal Baler machine will automatically stop working through the control of light, electricity and gas to protect the operator Security.

    Nick Machinery's metal Baler machine has experienced more than ten years of development, constantly innovating, forming a variety of models, and keeping up with the advancement of the market.

  • Do you want to work in the waste paper recycling industry? Do you want to buy a cost-effective, durable hydraulic baler? Then welcome you to our Nick Machinery Factory. Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic balers. The main products can be divided into three categories according to different working modes, namely, automatic hydraulic balers, semi-automatic hydraulic balers and vertical hydraulic balers. machine. According to the type of packing, it can be divided into waste paper packing machine, plastic packing machine, clothing packing machine, cotton packing machine, sponge packing machine and so on. Each Baler can be customized according to customer requirements, which greatly meets the needs of different levels. Our company's waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises purpose. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. Oh, so to speak, this waste paper baler is a very convenient and practical item. Yes, for friends from waste paper and carton factories, having this artifact can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Moreover, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the role of waste paper baler is becoming more and more important.

    Friends who need to purchase this machine must go to the place I recommend. Nick Machinery’s balers are not only complete in categories, but also reliable in quality and reasonable in price

  • When choosing to buy a waste paper hydraulic balers, you must first understand the structure and price range of the mainstream waste paper hydraulic balers in the market. In the production process of waste paper baler, it faces customer needs to modify product parameters, improve technology, improve configuration and develop new products. As we all know, new products are still not familiar to customers in the initial market. This requires manufacturers to do a good job in promoting new products, and hope that new products can quickly occupy the market, they need to perform the following actions:
    1. Product positioning of waste paper baler: First of all, the product grade belongs to high, medium and low grade, and the target sales group of the new product is determined. Also pay attention to the characteristics of the customer's area and the type of unit, conduct a comprehensive analysis, and develop a detailed promotion plan.
    2. The price positioning of waste paper baler: Once the waste paper baler product is approved by the market, the price is still relatively stable. Unlike electronic products, the price will quickly update and depreciate, so the initial price positioning must be reasonable. It is necessary to consider the decline in profits in recent years due to increased costs. Price is an important guarantee for product sales and profit, and is also the top priority of enterprise development. Price positioning must meet market conditions and reach a price level acceptable to customers.
    3. The principle of sales leverage of waste paper baler products: Customers who buy new products are like people who taste crabs. They need courage. Mechanical products (such as waste paper balers) must be validated by the market before they can be put into production.

    The waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, guaranteed quality, and moderate quotation. Welcome new and old friends to come and buy www.nkbaler.net

  • The waste paper baler needs to work with the help of power in the process of working, and the main power source of the waste paper baler is the hydraulic pump, and the working state of the hydraulic pump directly affects the working state of the waste paper baler.
    1. When the maximum allowable pressure of the waste paper baler exceeds the rated pressure, according to the experimental specifications, the highest pressure value that allows the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler to operate for a short time is called the maximum allowable pressure of the hydraulic pump. The volume of the discharged liquid calculated from the geometric changes in the volume of the waste paper packing secret seal volume per revolution of the hydraulic pump is called the displacement of the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump with adjustable displacement is called the variable pump; the hydraulic pump with a constant displacement It is called a quantitative pump.
    2. Working pressure of waste paper baler The output pressure of the hydraulic pump of waste paper baler during practical work is called working pressure. The size of the working pressure depends on the size of the external load and the pressure loss on the drain line, and has nothing to do with the flow of the hydraulic pump.
    3. Rated pressure of waste paper The highest pressure of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler under normal working conditions and continuous operation according to the experimental specifications is called the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump.
    If the waste paper baler wants to work normally, it needs to be carried out under the rated pressure, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage.

    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems, you can contact us at any time www.nkbaler.net

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