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  • Multifunctional Horizontal Baler mainly for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newspapers, pet bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. those materails send to the corresponding packing station for packing treatment, and then recycled again.its is become an indispensable part of the daily life of every citizen.

  • Horizontal Sawdust baler Machine is also called automatic Sawdust compactor, it is divided into automatic horizontal baling press , In the packing process, there is no need for too many workers, all the packing process can be controlled by PLC to realize automatic filling material, automatic way to get a sawdust block  very convenient and saving manpower cost

    the blew details of sawdust baler :

    capacity :90blocks per hour .3 -4 ton per hours

    bale weight :35-50kg 

    bale size :485*485*450mm 

  • nkbaler is the most professional China baler machine supplier and manufacturer, we not only produce NKW150Q cotton hulls compactor machine, but also produce many other kinds of baling press machines just like automatic car compress machine, energy saving hydraulic forging press, cloth packing machine, new horizontal 100t automatic baler machine, cardboard bale tie.

    This machine bale size :800*800*1600 mm 

    bale weight :350-500kg 

    materaials:pet bottles 

    capacity 1-2ton per hours ( only for pet bottles ,if for waste paper ,5 ton per hour )

  • Waste paper horizontal Baler machine with 3 motor running in india ,with most higher capacity around 20 bales per hour.

  • Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic films ,PET bottles baler, plastic pallets baler ,waste paper horizontal baler ,grass baler ,fiber ,used clothes ,cartons ,cardboards trims balers,scrap ,etc .







    Bale size


    Material  type

    Scrap Kraft paper, Newspaper,

    Cardboard ,Soft Film

    Material density


    Feed opening size


    Main motor power


    Main cylinder



    25-30 ton /hour

    Main cylinder force


    Max. system working force


    Mainframe weight(T)

    About 21 tons

    Oil tank


    Mainframe size

    About 11×2.3×2.9ML×W×H

    Tie wire line

    4 line φ2.75φ3.0mm3 iron wire

    Pressure time

    ≤22S/ (go and back for empty load)

    Chain conveyor technology



    Conveyor weight

    About 7 tons

    Conveyor size


    Conveyor motor



    Oil cooler


  • This machine was using in Australia 

    main for recycling the carton box ,cardboard ,pp films recycling and compress .

    the bale size is 1100*1100*1600mm as request .

    capacity is 13-15 ton per hour .

  • Beer factory Used horizontal baler ,main for compress the beer box ,scrap paper ,Boxes package 

    Bale size is 1100*1000*1400 mm ,each bale weight is around 1000kg ,,with 12 ton per hour .

    The Nick baler Horizontal automatic Baler is built with extra heavy duty construction and is ideal for warehouses and recyclers who deal with large quantities of corrugated and paper products. This machine is designed for long hours of operation and can operate either manually or automatically with photocell control. Optional custom engineered feed conveyors and cart dumper systems efficiently control baler feed rates for optimum performance in a complete baling system.

  • Waste paper baler machine also called waste paper baling machine ,it main used for waste paper ,scrap paper ,cardboard paper ,soft paper ,A4 paper ect. recycling ,most of small or big factory can use it , Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, High Quality  Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, Automatic Baler For Waste Paper,Nick company produce this machine main function for reducing transport cost and easy storage ,reduce labor cost 

    This machine with 1100mm*1100mm*1400mm bale size ,and each bale weight around 1200kg ,and capacity can reach 15 ton per hour ,use two motor to make faster speed ,Extensive use of waste paper baler is we all know the reality. meanwhile,not only widely used in paper, printing, cardboard and other occupations, and also some of the waste materials, waste plastics, discarded clothing, some licorice and other packaged. Suitable for a wide range of occupations. Therefore,this is great opportunities paper balers.

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