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Working principle of ton bag horizontal baler
Author : admin Time : 2024-02-27 AllPageView : 164
The working principle of the ton bag horizontal baler mainly involves the steps of automatic weighing of materials, clamping and hooking of packaging bags, as well as bundling and hot-melt bonding of strapping. details as follows:
Material weighing: When the material is added to the ton bag and reaches a certain weight, the weighing lifting mechanism will drive the packaging bag to reciprocate downward.
Fast and slow feeding conversion: When the material is almost full, the system will automatically switch from fast feeding to slow feeding to ensure the accuracy and safety of feeding.
Bag clamping and hooking: The ton bag packaging machine is controlled by two solenoid valves, bag clamping and hooking. When taking out ton bags, you can first hang four hooks or clamp the middle bag first, and then touch the travel switch to proceed to the next step.
Inflate the bag clamp: operate the "bag clamp" knob on the electronic control cabinet to inflate and expand the bag clamp, thereby clamping the bag opening to ensure that materials will not leak during the packaging process.
Clearing the expanded bag: Twist the "bag inflation" knob to inflate the bag and complete the "clearing" function of the weighing system to accurately measure the weight of subsequent materials added.

Packing strapping: Use strapping straps to tie up ton bags filled with materials, and then use heating and hot-melt bonding to fasten the two ends of the strapping straps together for easy transportation and storage.

To sum up, the entire workflow is automated, reducing manual operations and improving packaging efficiency and safety. In actual operation, appropriate adjustment and optimization may be required based on specific machine models and technical parameters.
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