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Can you put plastic in a cardboard baler?
Author : admin Time : 2024-02-26 AllPageView : 118
Typically, Cardboard Balers are primarily designed to handle recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard. These machines are not specifically designed to process plastics, as their compression mechanisms and parameters are optimized for the characteristics of paper-based materials.
The physical properties of plastics are different from cardboard and paper. For example, many plastics do not hold together as tightly as paper when compressed, and plastics have lower melting points, which can cause sticking problems during compression, causing the baler to clogged or damaged. Additionally, if the plastic melts during the baling process, it may affect the overall structure and quality of the bale.
However, there are plastic balers (Plastic Baler) specially designed for plastic bottles or films on the market, which can handle PET bottles, plastic bags, plastic films and other materials. These devices typically have higher compression and specific designs such as heating systems to reduce the volume of the plastic material, making it easier to bale and recycle.
If you try to put plastic into a cardboard baler, it can cause the following problems:
1. Poor packaging effect: Plastic will not be compressed effectively, resulting in bales with low density and taking up a lot of space.
2. Equipment damage: Plastic may deform, melt, or adhere to machine parts due to compression, causing machine failure.
3. Low efficiency: Unsuitable materials will reduce packaging efficiency and increase maintenance costs.

4. Safety issues: Wrong materials can cause safety risks, such as plastics burning or producing harmful gases during compression.

Therefore, in order to protect equipment, ensure packaging quality and operational safety, it is recommended to use a dedicated baler designed for specific materials. For plastic recycling, a specialized plastic baler should be selected for processing. If you need to handle multiple types of materials, consider purchasing a multi-purpose baler or handle different materials separately.
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