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Wood Sawdust briquetting machine
Nick Baler Sawdust briquetting machine relies on reasonable design and concept, low consumption and high efficiency, simple operation control, consumer trust, and has gained a broad market for development. Energy saving and green living are the fashion themes of today's society.
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    Horizontal Baler
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Product Description
The wood sawdust briquetting machine relies on reasonable design and concept, low consumption and high efficiency, simple operation control, consumer trust, and has gained a broad market for development. There are business opportunities and it is a good choice for investors. Energy saving and green living are the fashion themes of today's society, and the wood sawdust briquetting machine is exactly a device that echoes this concept. It uses agricultural crops such as corn stalks, corn cobs, and leaves to produce emerging fuels and is a secondary use of them.
 The characteristics of wood sawdust briquetting machine are reflected in its raw materials and also in the following aspects:
 First, the design of the equipment is reasonable, quality, and easy to operate. It adopts fully automatic control of electric heating settings, which can randomly adjust the dryness and humidity of materials and work efficiency;
 Second, the equipment is small in size, takes up limited space, consumes less energy, saves energy and electricity;
 Third, the materials used in the equipment are processed and can be continuously produced with long working hours;
 Fourth, in terms of technology, the wood sawdust baler has increased the bearing from three to four for the stability of the machine and the life of the equipment, and the pitch and output have been increa





Bale Size(L*W*H)


Working Pressure


Compress time


Moisture require

15% or under

Feed Opening Size(L*H)


Bale Weight



3-3.5T/hour (depend on materials)

Voltage (Can Be Customized)




Cooling system

Water cooling

Machine Size(L*W*H)


Machine Weight


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Q:How should the briquetting machine be maintained every week?
A:Weekly oil leak inspection. Excess oil on the cylinder arm indicates that the seal ring needs to be replaced. Oil film is normal. Tighten the screw in the oil leakage area with a tool. O-ring damage may cause oil leakage. Finding out the source of oil leakage early can avoid serious problems in the later operation of the hydraulic system.

Q:What is the output of the briquetting machine ?

A:briquetting machine generally require convenient movement, diesel engines, convenient bagging, and high output. Some users use fixed  briquetting machine in order to increase the output of the machine.
Movable  briquetting machine generally require that the weight of the packed bag can be moved manually, generally 50kg/bag, fixed  briquetting machine generally require high output, and there is no restriction on the weight of the bale, generally 70kg/ package.

Q:What are the precautions forbriquetting machine?
A: 1. Attention should be paid to the lightning protection, rain protection and moisture protection of the power cord.

 2. Pay attention to the antifreeze work of the motor.
 3. Pay attention to the button operation of the console. Do not use excessive force on the switch button, and prevent misoperation to avoid damage caused by short circuit.

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