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What is the flow of waste paper baler pressure oil?
Author : admin Time : 2019-03-27 AllPageView : 559
The waste paper baler pressure oil flows directly back to the tank through the overflow valve and the return line, and the oil pressure does not continue to rise. Therefore, the relief valve acts at the same time to provide overload protection to the system. Waste paper baler hydraulic pump The oil sucked from the fuel tank is filtered through the oil filter to remove impurities and dirt to protect the valves in the system from being blocked. Most of the power of the waste paper baler is provided by hydraulic pumps, so the standard for hydraulic pump pressure is strict.
The pressure oil outputted by the waste paper baler hydraulic pump enters the lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder along the pipeline through the throttle valve and the left ring groove of the reversing valve spool. Under the action of the pressure oil of the waste paper baler, the piston moves upwards, and the pushing mechanism realizes the lifting action. At this time, the oil discharged from the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder flows back to the tank through the ring groove and the pipe on the right side of the valve of the reversing valve. The speed of movement of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a throttle valve. The pressure oil output from the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler is divided into two paths after flowing through the check valve, one through the throttle valve to the hydraulic cylinder, and the other through the overflow valve to the oil tank. The throttle valve, like a faucet, twists the valve core and changes its opening size to change the flow of oil through the throttle valve into the hydraulic cylinder to control the lift rate. The output of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a relief valve. By adjusting the pressing force of the spring in the relief valve, the pressure of the hydraulic pump output oil of the waste paper baler can be controlled.

The pressure determines the carrying capacity of the waste paper baler. When the lifted external load exceeds the load capacity set by the relief valve, the oil pressure reaches the pressure of the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic force acting on the steel ball pushes the steel ball apart.

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