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Installation and commissioning of horizontal waste paper balers before use
Author : admin Time : 2019-03-23 AllPageView : 611
The installation and commissioning of the semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler is performed by the installer and electrical engineer respectively.
The specific installation and debugging steps are as follows:
1. The horizontal baler does not need foundation, and the hydraulic baler is placed on the flat ground to check whether the parts of the machine are loose or displaced during transportation.
2. Connect the chain-type feeding conveyor of the automatic baler to ensure that the conveyor and the bale chassis inlet are perfectly connected, seamless and screwed.
3. Pour the standard hydraulic oil delivered by the manufacturer into the hydraulic cylinder according to the instructions. Turn on the power of the baler main unit.
4. Start the motor power supply of the waste paper baler main engine, and the hydraulic baler pushes the disk forward, backward, stop and other electronic control debugging.
5. Start the motor power supply of the chain plate feeding conveyor, and automatically control the feeding of the feeding conveyor.
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