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What are the basic premises for the impetus of Saudi hydraulic baler?
Author : admin Time : 2022-03-10 AllPageView : 326
Hydraulic baler, horizontal baler, plastic baler
The hydraulic baler uses the basic premise of the driving force of the four-column hydraulic press. According to the driving force caused by the hydraulic cylinder or the motor of the four-column hydraulic press, the electronic components of the mechanical equipment are transformed into a larger driving force to convert the goods into blocks.
The reduction of cargo capacity makes it beneficial to packaging, cost-saving transportation, and utilization rate, which is becoming more and more green and environmentally friendly. Because of it, it is now widely used in the entire industry chain such as waste printing paper purchase plants, plastic recycling plants, and agricultural and livestock industries.
1. For soft goods, the hydraulic Baler machine can reduce the size of fabrics, waste picture printing, clothing and other woven fabrics, so that its capacity is reduced. In a certain transportation interior space design scheme, it can put a lot of goods, thus Ensure to reduce the number of transportation, save transportation costs, and increase economic benefits for the enterprise.

2. The main purpose of the hydraulic baler can be used in a variety of ways, such as waste plastic plastic film, waste plastic agricultural film, plastic greenhouse film, plastic bottles, waste picture printing, waste old cardboard boxes, clothes and pants, etc. It is possible to reduce the goods occupying the ground and process the stamped parts into a small piece,

3. The hydraulic baler is a special industrial equipment for packaging packaging bags, waste picture printing, packaging bags, packaging bags, pure cotton yarn, fabrics, etc. Not only can it be used in industrially developed woven bag factories and waste printing paper purchase factories, but it is also more applicable to the general large and small hand-knitting industries. This machine has the advantages of reasonable layout, simple operation steps and cost saving, and has the advantages of high pressure, compact package, time saving and time saving.
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