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What are the advantages of making green storage with corn stalk baler?
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-21 AllPageView : 401

Green storage feed: Straw private chat has the reputation of "grass burger", with balanced nutrition, sour smell and high digestibility. It is a good feed for feeding cattle, sheep and other livestock. The corn stalk baler green storage method is simple and low cost. As long as the straw raw materials are transported back in a short time, the appropriate moisture is controlled, and the fully automatic corn stalk baler is used to seal it after crushing. It can be used without a large amount of input.

There are many advantages of using corn stalk baler to make green silo, including:
1. Using a straw baler can effectively squeeze out the air in the forage to ensure the fermentation effect of the green feed.
2. The corn stalk baler can be used to store fine materials for better shaping. In the production process, labor is saved, the feeding is convenient, and the degree of automation is high.
3. The production and packaging cost of mechanical green storage is low, the sealing is good, the storage time is long, and the phenomenon of secondary fermentation can be effectively avoided, and the long-term green storage quality is high.
Nick brand green storage forage baler is safe and reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, convenient to use, simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production
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