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Advantages of automatic high-efficiency wood chip hydraulic baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-21 AllPageView : 454
Automatic high-efficiency wood chip hydraulic baler, (also known as wood chip briquetting machine). Using a number of patented technologies, the design structure is ingenious and reasonable. Compared with similar products, the work efficiency is extremely high, reaching more than 65 packages per hour. It is currently the fastest and most automated equipment in China.

Advantages of sawdust hydraulic baler:

1. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, horizontal and horizontal bagging, fast bag delivery speed and high output.
2. The machine is simple to operate and easy to use. It is equipped with semi-automatic and full-automatic operation modes (convertible) at the same time. It has a high degree of automation and requires less labor. It can use manual feeding or automatic feeding by conveyor.
3. The machine is mainly suitable for the compression of wood chips, rice husks, cottonseed husks, peanut husks and other scraps, and directly bagged after compression, which is convenient for storage and reduces transportation costs.
The unmanned operating system of Nick brand briquetting machine, continuous package delivery, fast speed, easy to use, can better serve you.
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