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Waste paper baler during operation and parking
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-21 AllPageView : 455
So how to deal with emergencies in the production of waste paper baler?
1.Check the operation of the pump.If the small waste paper baler is noisy,the needle swing is large,and the oil temperature is too high,the pump may be severely worn.
2.Understand the operating efficiency of the pump.Comparing the temperature of the pump casing and the fuel tank if the temperature difference between the two is higher than 5°C,the pump efficiency can be considered very low.

3.Check the oil leakage of the pump shaft and joints,pay special attention to leakage when the temperature is high and high pressure.

4.Observe the indication value of the vacuum gauge installed at the suction pipe of the pump.During normal operation,its value should be below 127mmhg;otherwise,check the oil filter and working oil of the small waste paper baler.
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