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Troubleshooting of Romanian hydraulic baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-05-13 AllPageView : 268
The solution to the noise of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler:
1. Tighten the screw phase of the inlet pipe of the hydraulic oil pump or other pipe threads.
2. Re-adjust the installation degree of the hydraulic system components and the motor, and the coaxiality error should be kept within 0.1mm.
3. Fix the slender oil pipes in the hydraulic press system with pipe clamps, separate them from each other, and leave the box wall to reduce vibration.
4. Disassemble, inspect and repair pressure valves, and replace severely damaged pressure valves.
5. Replace the coupling buffer sleeve to eliminate transmission shock.
6. Remove the hydraulic pump to check, repair or replace worn parts.
7. The amount of oil in the oil tank should be added above the marking line of the oil mark, or the oil with lower viscosity should be replaced to reduce the oil suction resistance of the hydraulic oil pump.

8. Remove impurities and dirt on the surface of the oil filter.

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