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There are several aspects to pay attention to when using the baler
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1. The baler should be well fixed during installation: because the machine is running fast, uneven ground may cause the machine in vibration to shake, causing hidden dangers to the operator. Therefore, keep the ground level and install the machine according to the instructions to keep the machine stable. When the machine is running, it is prohibited to touch the moving parts of the machine with your hands. 

2. Electrical power to the machine: ground the machine power to avoid electric shock caused by improper operation. There must be an automatic shutdown device for the power supply, so that the machine can automatically stop when there is an electricity problem to avoid electric shock and other conditions. 
3. Cleaning of the machine: Because the baler often compresses waste products, etc., it will be blocked by debris after a long time. Sometimes it will cause the machine to run poorly, cause damage to the machine, and reduce the service life of the machine. The machine should be cleaned regularly, and lubricating oil should be regularly applied to the parts that need lubricating oil. 
4. The operator of the machine should do a good job of protection, such as wearing gloves, and prohibiting the head and hands from reaching the inside of the machine. Non-machine operators should keep a distance from the machine as much as possible to prevent damage caused by material splashing.

Warning note: All products are tested before leaving the factory. Customers are requested to add hydraulic oil before connecting to the power supply after receiving the goods to prevent damage to the hydraulic pump due to dry grinding. 1. The pressure of this product has been adjusted when it leaves the factory, and the booster screw of the reversing valve and overflow valve has been lead-sealed, (or the locking back nut is locked) during use, it is not allowed to remove the lead seal or loosen the back nut for pressure To prevent damage to the mechanical parts caused by excessive pressure adjustment and affect normal use.

At present, the baler market is mixed, and many manufacturers or distributors report parameters indiscriminately. If something goes wrong, regardless of the after-sales service, they blindly reduce the quality and lower the sales price. As a result, the customer suffers heavy losses and is unreasonable. In response to market chaos, we promise to be a conscientious enterprise! Ask customers carefully during sales, and be sure to provide customers with suitable models; solve problems in time after sales; make products and character with one heart and soul, and resolutely refrain from price wars! for more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.net
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