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The use and installation operation matters of domestic garbage baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-03-25 AllPageView : 387
 1. First adjust the bagging and check the coding effect. At the same time, open the feeding system to feed. When the material meets the requirements, first open the bag of the bagging mechanism, check the vacuum and heat sealing quality of the vacuum box, and vacuum the bag. After meeting the requirements, start filling materials and start production.
 2. Turn on the cleaning system and clean the feeding system and measuring machine before production to ensure product hygiene.
 3. The operator is not allowed to adjust certain operating parameters of the garbage baler machine, such as the number of operations, various parameters of the servo and inverter. If adjustment is required, the relevant maintenance personnel or technicians should make adjustments together. In production, the operator can appropriately adjust the temperature and phase angle parameters of each temperature controller according to the actual situation, but the team leader and section chief must be notified first to ensure that all parameters of the equipment operation are controlled during the entire production process to ensure that the equipment is stable Operation to ensure normal production and normal operation of products. quality.
 4. Turn off the main power air switch, turn on the power to start, set and check the temperature of each temperature controller, roll the film intact, adjust the color mark, put a code ribbon, determine the code date and related characters, and the products produced on the same day does it reach the requirement.
 5. Operators should pay attention to the safety of themselves and others at all times during the operation, and pay special attention to the safety of heat-sealing knives, scissors, trolley parts, vacuum boxes, camshafts, measuring 
cups, measuring cups, conveyor belts, etc., and to prevent accidents.

 6. In the production process, check the quality of the product at any time, and adjust at any time if there is any problem.

 7. If there is a problem with the equipment or the product quality is unqualified during the production process, the garbage baler machine should be turned off immediately to solve the problem. It is strictly forbidden to deal with 

problems during the operation of the machine to prevent accidents.

 8. The operator must cut off the sanitation of the machine and equipment.
 9. The operation of the operator on the touch screen of the household machine can only be carried out with clean fingers. Do not tap or tap the touch screen with fingertips, nails or other hard objects, otherwise the touch 
screen may be damaged due to improper operation.
 10. When debugging the machine or adjusting the quality of the bag, the quality of the packaging, the filling effect, the vehicle display bag and the packaging bag, only the manual switch can be used for debugging. When the machine is 
running, it is strictly prohibited to perform the above debugging to avoid safety accidents.
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