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The price noise removal method of waste plastic baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-07-30 AllPageView : 461
The noise generated by the price of the waste plastic baler for normal production operations has caused a noise problem that cannot be tolerated during operation. The metal briquetting machine adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology and uses high-quality wear-resistant oil seals. The cylinder is processed and assembled with the latest domestic high-tech technology to ensure that the continuous operation does not reduce the cylinder pressure, is durable and runs smoothly; computer control, high degree of automation, Low failure rate, easy protection, etc.

The price of waste plastic baler This machine is used to knead waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack it into a special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, and then reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and add benefits to the enterprise intention of. Then clarify that the machine has problems in some aspects, and the reason for the price noise of the waste plastic baler may be improper operation and control, or the daily protection is not in place.

In view of the noise problem in the price packing process of waste plastic baler, several solutions are proposed according to different situations.
1. Check whether the pilot valve is worn and whether it can be tightly fitted with the valve seat. If it is abnormal, replace the pilot valve head.
2. Check whether the pressure regulating spring of the pilot valve is deformed or distorted. If it is deformed, change the spring or the pilot valve head.
3. Check whether the oil pump and the motor coupling device are concentric and centered. If they are not, they should be adjusted.

4. Check the price of waste plastic baler if there is any vibration in the pipeline, and add sound insulation and vibration damping pipe clamps to the vibration.

5. The joints of the oil confluence of double pumps or multiple pumps should be reasonable, otherwise vibration and noise will occur due to vortex cavitation. There may be only one problem phenomenon, but there are many different reasons for this phenomenon. In the production process, it is necessary to continuously accumulate experience and master relevant technical knowledge, so that the price of waste plastic baler can be smoothly produced.
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