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The advantages of Agricultural Agricultural Agricultural straw baler with DC motor
Author : admin Time : 2020-07-30 AllPageView : 518

Most of the Agricultural Agricultural Agricultural straw balers on the market are equipped with AC motors. Such motors will show a very strong pulling force when working. In severe cases, the cartons may be broken, and the baling process is very noisy. The movement of the movement is also very serious. In view of the emergence of the above-mentioned problems, after repeated trials, the research and development personnel have introduced a Agricultural Agricultural Agricultural straw baler with a DC motor.

The DC motor has very low noise during working, and is suitable for use in relatively quiet places such as offices and libraries. The biggest advantage of this configuration is that its tightening process is a very smooth transition process, rather than an instantaneous strong pulling force. The packaging process will protect the packaging from damage, and the damage to the dedication is also very small.

The configuration of DC motors is the general trend of the baler in the future, but this configuration method requires continuous testing and improvement on the Agricultural Agricultural Agricultural straw baler and Agricultural Agricultural Agricultural straw baler, but we believe that the development of technology will definitely have a higher level of breakthrough.

Our company is committed to the production of packers, with a complete range of features, reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, accurate accuracy, etc., in the future, we will continue to research and innovate, better serve consumers, and make consumers more assured.
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