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The impact of wood shavings on life
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-22 AllPageView : 306
The shavings have a wide range of functions. They can generally be used to make fires, to press particle boards, and to make high-pressure wood boards after crushing. At present, high-pressure boards made of wood shavings and sawdust are widely used in the production of furniture products. Can also be used as animal bedding

Wood shavings is the sawdust cut out when using wood planers to process wood strips, called wood shavings. Wood shavings can make different wood shavings due to different processing tools. The wood shavings processed by the machine tool are processed by rolling, so the wood shavings are presented in segments; while the manual wood planing processing is linearly driven, so the wood shavings are flaky and long (can be determined according to the length of the processed wood. The length of the wood shavings can also be determined according to the size of the worker’s hand length and thrust). The thickness of the hand-processed wood shavings is generally 0.0.5mm. The loose shavings occupies a large area and are not easy to store. How to save it as a manufacturer I have a headache problem, here, I recommend a wood shavings baler, which can easily solve the storage and transportation problems of your wood shavings. Wood shavings packing machine is specially used for compressing and packing wood chips, wood flour, shavings, peanut shells, corn stalks and other loose materials. The bales are neat and beautiful, easy to store, easy to transport, reduce transportation costs, and bring great life to our lives. Great convenience.

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