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The impact of aluminum can recycling Baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-07 AllPageView : 337

One of the important reasons why aluminum cans are widely used in the world is that they are easy to recycle and reduce energy consumption. Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly than other packaging containers. As far as the container is concerned, repeated recycling reduces environmental pollution; as far as the materials used, the repeated use of aluminum effectively saves resources and maintains the global environment. Other packaging containers, such as the popular plastics and PET materials, are all derived from petroleum. The continuous exploitation of petroleum will cause the depletion of resources. Aluminum is a rare resource on the earth. Its main source is smelting from ore. However, the electricity required to produce aluminum is far more than other metals. Compared with smelting aluminum from ore, recycling aluminum cans into aluminum can greatly reduce energy consumption and air pollution. A discarded aluminum can still exists on the surface five hundred years later and cannot be decomposed. Aluminum cans not only have the highest recyclability rate, but also the largest recycling volume, so the recycling of aluminum cans is of great significance. As a preliminary treatment of aluminum can recycling, the aluminum can bales compressed and reduced by the baler can greatly improve the convenience of storage and transportation, while maximizing storage space and transportation costs.

 Nick Machinery has a variety of Baler Compactors that can be used to compress and pack aluminum cans, vertical Baler Compactors and mini Baler Compactors, which are mainly used in the recycling industry of small and medium-sized aluminum cans. For large can recycling centers, horizontal machines are a better choice. The hopper of the horizontal baler can be matched with the conveyor, making the feeding more convenient and efficient. For more information, please contact 86-29-86031588. There is always one suitable for you.

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