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Thailand straw baler special maintenance content
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-06 AllPageView : 234
Special maintenance, including the following:
a. Maintenance at the same time: the new machine or the machine after overhaul is maintained during the working-in period. When the machine is used during the specified running-in period, it is necessary to increase the load and speed step by step according to the corresponding regulations, and check the lubrication and tightening conditions thoroughly, observe the condition of the whole machine, and solve the abnormality in time. The key point of running-in maintenance is to replace each part of the lubricant, lubricate each part, tighten each part, and tighten each bolt. Perform a secondary maintenance after the closing period.
b. Seasonal maintenance: The straw baler should be maintained once a year before summer or winter. The focus is on the fuel-burning system, hydraulic system, cooling system and starting system.
c. Out-of-service maintenance: The out-of-service maintenance should be carried out when the mechanical equipment needs to be out of service for a period of time due to seasonal factors such as winter holidays. Mainly do cleaning, plastic surgery, matching, anti-corrosion and other work.
2. Reasons for wear and its laws: Straw baler equipment will wear out regardless of whether it is in use or in the process of being idle. Wear, that is, the wear of the equipment in its physical form. When the equipment is in operation, the surface of the moving parts and components will undergo various complex changes due to friction under the action of force, causing surface wear, spalling and morphological changes, as well as physical and chemical reasons. , Component fatigue, corrosion and aging, etc. The tangible wear during the use of straw baler equipment includes both normal wear and tear, but also abnormal wear caused by improper storage, improper use, and the harsh working environment caused by natural forces. The result of this wear, usually manifested as:
1. Change the original size of the parts and components that make up the equipment. When worn to a certain degree, it will even change the geometry of the parts.
2. Change the nature of the inter-coordination between the parts, resulting in loose transmission, lower precision and working performance.
3. Parts are damaged, and even other parts related to it are damaged due to the damage of individual parts, resulting in damage to the entire part and causing serious accidents.

When the equipment is idle, natural forces such as the corrosion of corrosive media in the oil seal, the corrosion of moisture and harmful gases in the air, etc., are the main causes of wear. If the equipment is not properly stored, the necessary maintenance measures are lacking. , It will cause the equipment to be corroded. With the extension of time, the corrosion surface and depth will continue to expand and deepen, resulting in the natural loss of precision and working ability, and even the scrap due to severe corrosion.

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