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Thailand rice husk briquetting machine sales
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-02 AllPageView : 247
NKBALER is a manufacturing enterprise integrating design and sales. The company’s leading product rice husk briquetting machine is exported to large, medium and small foreign cities. It is an indispensable and effective equipment for grain depots and rice mills. NKBALER has always maintained continuous innovation and improvement. Improve the performance of mechanical equipment step by step. At present, the company’s NKB series rice husk briquetting machine combines the advantages of the previous products and adopts the high configuration equipment formed after the user’s practical experience. Customers' repeated use and constant tests have concluded that this equipment is a very complete rice husk special baler. The perfect performance, high-end configuration, and user-friendly design have enabled the rice husk briquetting machine to quickly cover the Southeast Asian market and extend radioactively to the surroundings. The products are already out of stock and in short supply.
With the increase in sales performance and the increase in product delivery, the burden of after-sales service has become heavier. Due to the lack of common sense of maintenance of machinery and equipment, customers ignore the reference of the rice husk briquetting machine manual, which causes abnormal operation and reduces efficiency. . For this reason, our company's after-sales service department made a detailed registration in the return visit user survey, combined with the analysis of the customer's phone call, introduced a complete and scientific after-sales management system, and arranged special personnel to do the after-sales service for users in the Southeast Asian market. Service work, and gradually establish resident offices to facilitate the needs of local users.
In order to do a good job in after-sales service, the company arranges a special plane to receive calls from users. The connection method is stable and polite. The quality of knowing everything and endless words has been highly praised by customers. We try our best to make a text message to understand the problem; E-mail solves the problem, does not waste customer time and resources, solves the problem in the bud, and escorts the improvement of customer benefits.

NKBALER has a professional design and development team and after-sales team, choose us to save your time.

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