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Thailand hydraulic baler circuit fault repair
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-28 AllPageView : 248
The circuit of the hydraulic baler is the key to ensuring the operation of the equipment, so in the use of the equipment, once there is a circuit problem, it will definitely affect its efficiency. Therefore, in order to solve the line problem as soon as possible, we need to understand its operation method in detail to ensure smooth solve.
1. Electrical circuit failure
(1) The electric circuit of the Baler machine is broken, the electromagnet is not energized, and the wire is replaced without a control signal to make the electromagnet energize.
(2) The electrode is poorly welded, the joint is loosened and re-welded, and the joint is welded.
2. The solenoid coil is heated to burnt
(1) Insulation of the coil is poor and leakage occurs. Replace the coil.
(2) If the electromagnet core is unqualified and cannot be absorbed, replace the electromagnet core.

The above is the method to solve the circuit problem of the hydraulic baler. By understanding the method, not only can the problem be solved better, but also preventive work can be done to ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic baler.

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