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Thai crocodile scissors cleaning method
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-28 AllPageView : 270
80% of the failures of crocodile shears are due to the lack of clean hydraulic oil in the oil tank, which causes the internal parts of the components to be dirty. Therefore, disassembly and cleaning is one of the maintenance methods.
The common cleaning process of crocodile scissors is as follows:
1. Check, clean and remove the dirt on the surface of the hydraulic valve. Use a brush, non-metallic scraper, and silk cloth to remove the solid dirt on the surface of the hydraulic valve. Pay attention to scratching the surface of the hydraulic valve.
2. Before disassembling, grasp the structure of the hydraulic valve and the connection mode between the parts. When disassembling, remember the position relationship between the parts, and mark when appropriate. Do not disassemble forcibly to avoid installation errors.
3. When cleaning, put the hydraulic valve body, valve core and other parts and valves on the tray of the cleaning tank. After heating and soaking, pass compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank, and use the agitation of air bubbles to remove the remaining dirt.

When choosing a cleaning agent, pay attention to its corrosiveness to avoid corrosion to the valve body, and save the parts after cleaning.

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