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Sugarcane leaf baler application
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-09 AllPageView : 299
Sugarcane is one of the main crops in Thailand, and it is grown in large quantities. Every year from November to April of the following year is the season to improve the sugarcane harvest. After the sugarcane is harvested, farmers leave a lot of sugarcane leaves in the fields.
Previously, most farmers used open burning to process sugar cane leaves. Burning sugar cane leaves in the open air saves a lot of manpower and financial resources. However, a large amount of dense smoke is produced, which brings great harm to the atmospheric environment, traffic operation, fire safety and other aspects.
With the development of science and technology, people began to use sugarcane leaves comprehensively, turning sugarcane leaves into treasure.
1. As fertilizer, fresh sugarcane leaves contain a lot of water. If sugarcane leaves are crushed and returned to the field, it can improve soil structure, increase soil organic matter, improve soil permeability and water retention capacity, and enhance sugarcane drought resistance. Sugarcane leaves contain many nutrients. If some biological agents are added to sugarcane leaves to create organic fertilizers, the sugarcane leaves can be effectively used, which is very helpful to increase agricultural benefits and increase farmers' income.
2. As feed, sugarcane leaves can be recycled to make feed and provide abundant food for animals. This can not only promote the development of animal husbandry, but also realize the indirect return of sugarcane leaves to the field and promote the healthy development of ecology.
3. To make fuel, people used to recycle sugarcane leaves and dry them to boil water and cook rice, which is a kind of easily burnable material. It can be connected with power plants, so that power plants can be recycled and processed to replace coal, oil, and natural gas for power generation, reducing the use of scarce resources.
4. Make industrial raw materials, crush and bond them to make environmentally friendly boards or produce paper, use sugarcane leaves instead of wood to make paper, and press them into high-density wallboards, so as to effectively protect arable land and forest resources.
5. Cultivation of edible fungi, use sugar cane leaves for edible fungi cultivation, oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, Coprinus comatus etc.
6. Making crafts, using sugarcane leaves to weave and process straw hats, straw bags, straw curtains and other crafts

To achieve the above, the sugarcane leaf baler has its advantages, simple structure, convenient operation, high work efficiency, low failure rate, effectively reducing the area of ??sugarcane, convenient storage and transportation, and reducing transportation costs. It is now an indispensable equipment in the sugarcane recycling industry.

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