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How to deal with sugarcane leaves after sugarcane harvest?
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-09 AllPageView : 322
How to deal with sugarcane leaves after sugarcane harvest is a question that every sugarcane farmer must consider. In the past, sugarcane farmers generally burned the discarded sugarcane leaves directly in the sugarcane field, which not only saves a lot of time and energy, but also burns some bacteria in the sugarcane field. The remaining ashes can also be used as fertilizer, which is the land. More fertile, conducive to the planting of sugar cane in the second year.

However, many places have issued regulations prohibiting the burning of discarded crop leaves, rice stalks and other wastes in farmland. Because this will produce a lot of dense smoke, causing serious pollution to the environment. In recent years, in order to win the "blue sky defense war", local municipal committees and municipal governments have issued relevant regulations prohibiting the burning of straw and sugar cane leaves in the urban and surrounding areas. Violators of the regulations will be severely punished, and those involved in the world may be subject to severe punishment. Administrative detention. So, how to deal with discarded sugarcane leaves? From the actual situation, the utilization of sugarcane leaves mainly includes biomass burning for power generation, crushing and returning to the field, production of feed, and factory production of mushrooms. The comprehensive utilization rate is very low and it is still in its infancy. This has become a thorny issue for sugarcane farmers. In order to solve the above problems and turn sugarcane leaves into treasures, the sugarcane leaf baler produced by Nick Machinery is put into use. The baler is used to combine sugarcane tail tips, yellow cane leaves, whole corn, pasture, straw, paper mulberry, etc. Straw bio-silage is processed and sold, so that waste products such as sugarcane leaves in the hands of farmers find a new home. Recycling sugarcane leaves for processing and utilization can effectively solve the environmental pollution problem caused by the burning of sugarcane leaves, and also increase an income for sugarcane farmers. Although not a lot, it is also an additional income. The sugarcane leaf baler has simple structure, simple operation, high work efficiency, time and labor saving, which increases the added value of sugarcane and brings more income to farmers.

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