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Straw Baler machine has low failure rate and stable operation
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-20 AllPageView : 313
The straw Baler machine adopts hydraulic transmission system, which has high production capacity, low equipment failure rate and stable operation. The machine is equipped with a barometer to display information, and the working pressure is more intuitive; the machine's oil tank is equipped with an oil volume display information table, which can visually display the change of remaining oil, and is equipped with an electric heating device (optional) to prevent excessive gear oil from damaging the pump in winter; The oil tank is large enough to dissipate heat well during work, to prevent the oil from overheating in summer and reduce or destroy the sealing performance.
The hydraulic cylinder is designed and manufactured with reliable quality and long service life. Under normal conditions of use, there will be no problems within 20 years. If the hydraulic seal reaches the end of its service life, only need to disassemble and replace the hydraulic seal. The shell is made of carbon steel plate after being machined and manufactured by electric welding. At the same time, the ground stress is eliminated. The compressive strength is not easy to open the welding, and the service life is long. Therefore, both the basic quality and the appearance quality are very good.
There is an eccentric rod mark on the main steel, which is more intuitive in actual operation and prevents the pump from clogging. (Straw Baler machine) The hydraulic oil pump has the function of working pressure compensation independent variable, which can achieve the practical effects of high efficiency, high working pressure, small motor rated power and low power consumption. In the long-term work, the use value of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and electricity saving is very rich.
Straw Baler machine: Excellent ring technology can increase the forming rate of the raw material for steel cutting. The large feeding hopper provides enough indoor space for bulk raw materials; its self-weight feeding method is highly efficient and easy to use. The core component adopts imported materials and has a long service life (biomass straw Baler machine). The template design scheme enables the steel sheet to have high cutting density, smooth surface, convenient disassembly and assembly, and convenient maintenance.

The straw Baler machine produced by Nick Machinery has reasonable design, simple operation, low failure rate and stable operation. Welcome to buy. 86-29-86031588

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