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Production technology and characteristics of Nick straw Baler machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-20 AllPageView : 319
The straw Baler machine is an important industrial equipment for reducing wood chips and scraps. The newly upgraded biomass fuel packing machine, also known as sawdust Baler machine, is a 24-hour energy-saving continuous manufacturing machine. The key components of the whole machine are all imported well-known brand parts.
The key applications of the sawdust Baler machine are corn stalks, sawdust, bamboo strips, rice husks, cottonseed husks, peanut husks, fallen leaves, forest technology and its broken hay, wheat straw, cotton stalks and other leftover materials. After shrinking, the bales are loaded immediately The bag is convenient for storage and reduces logistics costs.
Strong raw material adaptability: It can produce straw with a length of 60mm and a moisture content of 5-30%.
Electric heater function: The fully automatic electric heater can adjust the dryness of the raw material, and solve the difficulty of forming the raw material from clogging.
The automatic adjustment function of the pressure roller: Using the basic principle of double rotation of the thrust ball bearing, the viewing angle of the working pressure is automatically adjusted to prevent the raw material from being squeezed, and the machine is not stuffy, ensuring the stability of the feeding and forming. The actual operation is simple and easy to use: the level of automation technology is high, the labor is small, and only three people are required. Manual feeding or belt conveyor automatic feeding can be used.
Production Process
1. The particle length and moisture content of the raw materials are within the required range; the raw materials are uniformly sent to the inner edge of the upper edge of the molding machine through an automatic feeder (belt conveyor) or manually for compression molding.
2. The straw Baler machine adopts hydraulic transmission system, vertical and horizontal, with high production capacity, low equipment failure rate and stable operation.
3. The straw Baler machine has a long life: the grinding wheel is made of special steel and special metal composite materials, and it does not need to be disassembled and replaced within 3 years. High performance and cost-effective: On the basis of similar machinery and equipment, the technical content and functions of the equipment are improved. Taking into account the affordability of many customers, especially farmers' production and processing costs.

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