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Scrap metal processing equipment
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-16 AllPageView : 326
For a long time, using steel as a rare metal means that traditional raw materials have made a great contribution to promoting the rapid development of my country's economy.
There are many waste steel processing equipment used in the tiger head shearing machine sales market, such as metal baler, tiger head shearing machine, metal material vertical baling machine and so on. But they all have their own distinctive characteristics.
Metal balers and metal material shears are currently widely used in the market. Because of their low price and easy operation, they are accepted by many consumers, but their low work efficiency has virtually improved network operators’ Cost fees make it lose its core competitiveness in the industry.
1. Independent research and development of tiger head shearing machine, own brand, invention patent of tiger head shearing machine, perfect technology;
2. It occupies a small area and the demand for Hutou Shearing Airport is low;
3. Fully enclosed shearing material box, high safety coefficient of tiger head shearing machine; super large feeding port, enough to promote objects;
4. Tiger head shearing machine cuts quickly, integrates various working conditions, intelligent operation, low cost and high efficiency;

5. The cutting material limit is low, and the tiger head shearing machine has a wide coverage of material promotion, continuous feeding and continuous cutting.

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