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China Scrap iron shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-16 AllPageView : 278
The tiger head shear of the scrap iron shearing machine is one of the good demolition rescue tools. It adopts new design and machining, heat treatment and surface treatment technology, and adopts high-strength steel and aviation high-strength aluminum alloy, which is high in strength, high in strength, small in size, light in weight and good in quality.
Tiger head shears for scrap iron shears are the current alternative to traditional crocodile shears.
The tiger head shear of the scrap iron shearing machine has the following performance highlights:
1. Adopt plate chain silo to realize stable feeding and avoid the problem of squeezing and swelling of the traditional feeding mechanism;
2. The shear cylinder connected by the ball hinge improves the stability of the oil cylinder;
3. Good mechanical design, tool support, provide large shearing force, durable;
4. The novel button switch and reliable hydraulic quick coupling make it humane.

The tiger head shear of the scrap iron shearing machine is used in conjunction with a motorized pump or a manual pump to achieve a fast cutting function.

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