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Research direction of Indian domestic waste baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-30 AllPageView : 259
The main contents of the research on the domestic waste baler are:
1. Research on the hydraulic mechanism of garbage:
According to the domestic garbage situation, the hydraulic pressure of domestic garbage is studied theoretically, and the mathematical model of hydraulic pressure, displacement and stiffness of domestic garbage in hydraulic pressure is obtained through analysis and deduction, which provides a theoretical basis for the design of hydraulic baler.
2. Part of mechanical structure design:
According to the technological process required by the hydraulic baler, the garbage conveying mechanism, the feeding and compacting mechanism, the hydraulic mechanism, the shrinking mechanism, the strapping mechanism, and the overall frame are designed.
3. Hydraulic system design part:

Determine the composition of the hydraulic control system, select the hydraulic components of the whole system through the introduction of hydraulic components, analyze the working principle of the hydraulic system and the control program of the action and the composition of the circuit, draw the hydraulic schematic diagram, and design the control system based on it.

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