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Renewal of straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-25 AllPageView : 340
The replacement of straw balers is changing with the market:
Every era has products or skills that they want to correspond to, such as Baler equipment. The replacement of the baler is very fast. When the equipment was first developed, there will be many differences in the equipment at that time compared to the current one, and there are deficiencies in both skills and planning. When the baler first came out, it was mainly a vertical structure, this kind of equipment has a small workload and a lot of operation. At that time, this vertical baler can now meet the production needs.

The current baler has now undergone many technical follow-ups, and has made continuous progress no matter in terms of planning or production. Nowadays, the main stream equipment in the market is a baler, which can be equipped with different pressures according to production requirements, and the bale size of the bale is adjustable. The weight of each package is large, the package shape is neat and clean, and the density is so on. Save a lot of cost in transportation.

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