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Precautions for plastic bottle baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-24 AllPageView : 469
Plastic bottle balers,controlled by computer, are mainly used in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations,paper mills,etc. to compress and form waste cartons, plastic bottles, cans and other waste materials. The items packaged by the plastic bottle balers have uniform dimensions, The advantages of high specific gravity, high density, and reduced volume greatly reduce the space occupied by the cans, and reduce storage costs and transportation costs.

Precautions for plastic bottle packing machine: Before starting to pack, check whether the doors are closed, whether the door lock is in place, whether the knife and scissors buckle is buckled, and whether the stability chain is buckled on the handle. Do not pack any of the above parts without buckling to avoid accidents. When the machine is in operation, people should stand beside the machine and do not reach into the door with their heads, hands and body parts to avoid crushing injuries. Maintenance system and strict compliance with safe operation procedures are necessary conditions to extend the service life of the machine, improve production efficiency and ensure healthy production.

Nick brand waste plastic baler has good rigidity, toughness and volatility, beautiful appearance and stingy, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment foundation engineering. It can better serve you.

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