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Development timing of agricultural straw baler industry
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-24 AllPageView : 472
The recycling of agricultural straw balers and the effective utilization of straw will be greatly enhanced in the future, and it is also an opportunity for the development of the agricultural straw balers industry. It can be seen from the following three aspects:
1. The domestic market demand is upgraded. The continuous transfer of rural labor force, the rapid development of business entities such as cooperatives and large agricultural machinery operators, and the continuous adjustment of the agricultural industry structure have put forward higher requirements for the development of agricultural equipment and technology, and user needs are upgraded in the direction of more reliable, more efficient, more energy-saving and more comfortable .
2. The domestic industrial development pattern is facing adjustments. China's agricultural equipment companies are small in scale, large in number, and low in specialization. Industrial technology and reliability are in urgent need of rapid improvement; industry competition is disorderly, and the competitive environment urgently needs to be regulated.

3. Government subsidies promote the rapid development of the industry.

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