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Precautions for Myanmar Tiger Head Shearing Machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-29 AllPageView : 303
The safe operation of hydraulic tiger head shears is not only related to the personal safety of the operator, but also affects the quality and performance of the equipment. The manufacturer will train the operator on how to operate and maintain the equipment in order to allow the equipment to work normally for a long time.
What are the precautions for hydraulic tiger head shears?
1. The human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment during operation. Pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel to prevent the material from lifting and hurting people. When cutting, cut as close as possible to the inside of the knife edge;
2. When the tiger head shearing machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomenon, it should stop immediately, analyze the cause, eliminate the fault, and do not force the operation with the fault;
3. When adjusting the pump, valve and pressure gauge, the tiger head shearing machine must be operated by experienced technicians. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be shut down immediately for inspection or maintenance;
4. When the equipment is running, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization. When the work is over or temporarily leave the working position, the power supply shall be cut off;

5. The hydraulic oil should be cleaned and replaced every six months, but the first cleaning and filtering of the oil should not exceed one month. The new oil used once is strictly filtered and allowed to be reused.

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