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Pay attention to installing hydraulic oil pump in the horizontal baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-06-04 AllPageView : 425
Note that the hydraulic oil pump is installed in the horizontal baler.
In the horizontal baler, when installing the baler and hydraulic oil pump to prevent debris from entering the machine, the perforators are good covers, and the unit is buried between the ground and the feet. Between the foundations, double wedge pads are used for correction. Correct the concentricity of the shaft of the pump shaft and the motor shaft, and make the outer circle of the shaft deviate by 0.1mm.

The gap between the two couplings should be 2-4mm, the gap should be uniform, and the tolerance is 0.3mm. After connecting the pipes and determining the direction of rotation of the motor, insert the firm coupling and check the shaft again. Check the equipment after 2-3 hours of commissioning. If there is no bad phenomenon, it is regarded as a qualified installation.

During the installation of the horizontal baler, the hydraulic oil pump should pay attention to the following points: The installation of the oil pump is very important, which has a very important impact on the smooth operation and service life of the pump. Therefore, the installation and calibration work should be carried out carefully, not in a hurry. The hydraulic pump bracket or base should be stable, and the hydraulic pump shaft and motor should be well aligned.

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