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Note that there must be a ventilation window on the end cover of the hydraulic baler motor
Author : admin Time : 2020-06-04 AllPageView : 520
 Note that there must be a ventilation window on the end cover of the hydraulic baler motor!

The hydraulic baler is a precision machine, and small motors are also attracting attention. Therefore, we need to be careful when buying hydraulic baler. The motors used in hydraulic baler include stator and rotor. The stator of the hydraulic baler motor is also called armature, including the machine base, end cover, armature core, armature winding device and other components.

The armature core of the hydraulic baler is installed on the inner ring of the machine base, which is the support of the generator and is made of cast iron. The end cover is installed at the stopper at both ends, the upper lifting ring is hoisted, the lower bottom foot is installed with a round hole bolt, and the base ground bolt is installed with a ground wire. In order to heat and maintain the motor of the hydraulic baler machine, a ventilation window is left on the end cover, and a blind plate is covered on the ventilation window to prevent intrusion of debris.
The rotor includes rotor core, rotor winding, fan, shaft and other components. The rotor core is the through-hole part of the hydraulic baler motor and is made of 1-2m thick steel. The yoke is made of a single piece of low-carbon material and is cladding on uranium through steel.
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