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Operating procedures of aluminum crumb cake machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-02 AllPageView : 568
With the development of technology,the metal chip pressing machine is also constantly upgrading.At present,it can squeeze all kinds of metal scraps,steel shavings,scrap steel,scrap iron,scrap copper,scrap aluminum,aluminum shavings,and metal raw materials into a circle.Pie-shaped.After such treatment,it is convenient for storage,transportation and recycling of various metal scraps.
A lot of unnecessary troubles can be avoided if the aluminum crumb cake machine strictly follows the operating procedures.

1.Check whether the oil level of the oil tank level gauge is in the normal position.If it is not displayed,add oil until the level gauge can see the oil level.Ensure that the fuel tank is filled with 60% to 80% oil before starting the motor.

2.Press the "Start" button,the running indicator light is on,and listen to whether the sound of the oil pump is abnormal.If there is any abnormality,shut down immediately for inspection.

3.Turn the manual switch to manual,and operate the main cylinder,the pumping cylinder,and the feeding cylinder two or more times without feeding the empty machine,and observe whether it can work normally and whether the pressure gauge normally reaches the set value.Whether there is oil leakage at the road and joints.

4.Manually press one or more pieces of material,and observe whether the punch and die sleeve are loose and offset.

5.After confirming that each part is normal,switch to automatic operation.Continuously observe the operation status of each program during operation.If there is a stagnation,oil leakage,etc,it should be shut down immediately,and an experienced maintenance worker is required to check and repair.

6.The operators of each shift should clean the machine before leaving work,clean up oil and dust,and keep the inside and outside of the electrical control cabinet tidy.
The Nick brand aluminum crumb cake machine is easy to operate and automatically packs out,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer.
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