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Norwegian wood fiber baler selection
Author : admin Time : 2022-03-24 AllPageView : 252

The wood fiber squeezing baler is different from the squeezing baler for waste paper, waste iron, waste plastic, waste clothing and other materials. Different wood fiber production companies use different processing procedures, and the composition and water content of the materials are different, so the required pressurization method and required pressure are also exquisite.

There are two types of wood fiber balers, vertical and horizontal. The two types have different pressure directions, and the corresponding output and extrusion effects are different.

1. The vertical balers have small output and waste labor, suitable for squeezing wood fiber materials with high moisture content and are not easily deformed. Each vertical baler needs 2 people to operate.

2. The horizontal balers can produce moisture between 6 and 50, and the automatic operation, high output, saves labor. Automated operation is one device with 3 people, and two devices with 5 people. The output is 8-11 packages per hour, and each package weighs 1.3 tons (20 moisture).

This year, the 220-type hydraulic baler is the most popular choice for customers, which has large flow, high speed and high pressure, and is suitable for squeezing and Baler a variety of wood fiber materials.

NKABLER220 wood fiber baler is suitable for long-term uninterrupted work, simple operation and low failure rate. The output of a horizontal wood fiber baler is equal to the output of 4 vertical balers, but the labor cost is lower than that of a vertical baler!

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